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The Pillar Group, LLC is a privately held, financial firm headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We provide the complete spectrum of employee and executive benefits, property and casualty risk management, wealth management.  We analyze, evaluate, prescribe, support and service every aspect of protecting and growing assets, businesses and lives.  


Thank you for your interest in The Pillar Group. We would be honored to serve you.



Staying at the forefront of this always changing industry and understanding its complexities is the continuing goal of the Pillar Group. Further, it is our mission to be leaders not just of the industry, but in our communities and to our people as well.



Our clients look to us not just for financial solutions, but for assurance as well. Though we will continue to grow, our absolute dedication to the service and support of our clients will never change. 


  • Life Insurance

  • Risk Management

  • Employee Benefits

  • Annuities

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